Community choice of a new subtitle for „Ryce“

SONY DSCLong time we were quite but not inactive. On the background we’re working hard to make RYCE not only to a game with a great fun factor as also to game with a great look.

On Boardgamegeek, Ryce has also above 3000 Views and is on 2 Geeklists.
There is the more often the opinion, that the name „RYCE“ has something to do with „Rice“. And that’s where we need your help!

Ryce searchs a new subtitle like „Ryce – The Cultivation of Mars“ – there are also some suggestions, and we hope it will be more in the next weeks. In connection to that, you can vote for the titles you like at most. The name with the most votes (if the title is legal alright) get on the gamebox. As a little thank you, the presenter of the winning title will be mentioned in the game rules.

If you have a good idea, let me know on with mentioning of your name, or directly in the Boardgamegeek-forum.

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