New pre-order option for Collector’s Edition!

CIMG5182Because of the many requests for the already sold out Collector’s Edition, i talk to Hobold (creator of the Collector Edition figures). No, “i talk to” is not the right wording – i think “i crawl in the dirt and beg him” fits better 😉 and so i am able to offer the following to you:

Pick-Up your copy of the Fan-Edition in Essen, and get the remaining figures to complete the Collector’s Edition by delivery on February 2015. Price for this pre-order option is 160 EUR (including the world wide shipping of the figures). Pre-order for this option is now open. This offer is limited.

If you already pre-ordered a Fan-Edition and want to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition. Please write an email to:

Shav Braun

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