1024px-Hitchin_market_place_01ryce_winner_2015Some days ago we raffle out the winner of the last copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand first edition.

And the winner is:
Tim Goose from Hitchin, a city with a population of 33.000 between Cambridge and London in Great Britain.

Tim has kindly send us a picture that shows him with his new game. Thank you very much, Tim!

All that now have not won, are automatically in our next raffle that ends on 28 February 2016 at the latest. Here we are giving away 1 game of the second edition – if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, otherwise the expected worth of 50 EUR will be paid to the winner. If you have not yet registered to our newsletter, you can do it here, and thus participate in the raffle.

A few people have asked me how we have raffle out the winner. Of course, as befits to boardgamer – with a dice. 😉 Therefore a few details:

Everyone who completed the raffle ticket on the Spiel’14 (like Tim), or have signed up for the newsletter, has get a unique number in our newsletter mailing list (from 1 to ~ 300). We have rolled a d10 dice three times and thus got the winning number 200, which we were able to assign to Tim. In the case that the number had not existed, the roll had been repeated.

Shav Braun

1424662466_Reward_3D-128The Winner of our raffle of the very last copy of the sold out first edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand (worth: 90 EUR) will randomly picked  in the next days.

You can still participate here till 28th february 23:59 (CET).

kickstarter-logo-light[1]Because of the piling up requests, when the Kickstarter campaign finally starts and RYCE: Empire of sand  finally become available again here is a little status update.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter has not – as promised – open for German project creators in autumn 2014 and unfortunately also not announced a new date. We hope that Kickstarter will open soon, and move the start of the campaign optimistic to Q2 / 2015.

But postponed is not canceled!

For those who are waiting for the subsequent delivery of the handmade figures for the Collector’s Edition. We expect the sets in the next week and then send it to you as soon as possible.

messe_essen2014We are with our game RYCE:Empire of Sand at the fair Spiel’ 14. You can find us here at the booth of our partners Numbskull Games: 3-M103.

New and known Faces are welcome to visit us for a talk or a play of RYCE: Empire of Sand.

Are all copies really gone? No – one copy has successfully granted against all pre-orders and will be raffled to one out of all newsletter recipients. Find more infos here or at out booth in Essen. With your support we can reach the big goal of the big second edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand!

Blob_surprised[1]You’re amazing!!! The first edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand is sold out! Never thought it will happen – but we will go to Essen, without a copy to sell. Thanks to everyone for the support.

A lot of fun to all the pre-order people in Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Unites States of America!

For all who missed the pre-order, don’t worry and please support us to achieve the next step – the second edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand. We plan a kickstarter campaign in Q1 2015. A copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand for everyone with affordable prices.

To support us, please take part on our “Kickstarter Warm-up”. What does that mean? We like to inform you, when our kickstarter campaign starts. We need your email-address and your agreement.to be able to do that. We do not share your address with third parties! As a thank-you we raffle out the very last copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand first edition to one of the participants of our “Kickstarter Warm-Up”. So the happy one will get his copy before the kickstarter campaign begins! Some other “strech goals” will follow during the “Warm-Up”.

So please take part, and register here.

CIMG5182Because of the many requests for the already sold out Collector’s Edition, i talk to Hobold (creator of the Collector Edition figures). No, “i talk to” is not the right wording – i think “i crawl in the dirt and beg him” fits better 😉 and so i am able to offer the following to you:

Pick-Up your copy of the Fan-Edition in Essen, and get the remaining figures to complete the Collector’s Edition by delivery on February 2015. Price for this pre-order option is 160 EUR (including the world wide shipping of the figures). Pre-order for this option is now open. This offer is limited.

If you already pre-ordered a Fan-Edition and want to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition. Please write an email to: shav@setsign.de

Shav Braun

CIMG5201On 30th august we offer the Collector’s Edition of the first english edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand. After only 4 days later, all Collector’s Edition copies are already pre-ordered.

Wow! Thanks for that fantastic feedback!

But don’t worry. We have still some copies of the “Special Essen 2014 FAN-Edition” of RYCE: Empire of Sand in stock for Essen pick-up. Every copy will also have 2 fantastic handmade figures of the Crawlers in it (see it left)! If you like to pre-order for pickup in Essen, use this link. Pre-order is open till 26th ryce_empireofsand_cover_final_1600px_rgbseptember.

Best regards and again many thanks,
Shav Braun



ryce_essen2014_1Pre-order for pickup at the SPIEL Essen, Germany (16.-19. octobre 2014) of the english first limited edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand opens from 30th august (UTC 12:00) till 26th septembre 2014 (latest) on this website.

Don’t know the game?
The story of RYCE: Empire of Sand takes place on Mars. Players take the role of a space travelling nation from Earth that lands on Mars. It’s for 3-6 players, and it is best played with 4-5 players.

CIMG5222RYCE: Empire of Sand is an area control and resource-management strategy game with a thematic background on a variable game board with interactive mechanisms, low downtime, low luck elements and a variable and calculable game-time (90-180 min).  Conflicts in the game are solved by majorities instead of fights and war.
Find the complete english rules here!

Actually the game is rated with 7,5 on Boardgamegeek.com. The german first edition is already sold out.


ryce_essen2014_2There will be 2 editions (only for people outside of germany):

Fan Edition (Essen 2014 Special)
All components of the game in a wooden box and separately the vinyl gameboard in a roll. The Special is, that this edition will have 2 handmade figures (by Hobold’s Grotte). Pre-Order price is 90 EUR.

Collector’s Edition
All components of the game in a wooden box and separately the vinyl gameboard in a roll. 31 handmade figures (by Hobold’s Grotte). Pre-Order price is 135 EUR.

Release Date for the english first edition is: 15th octobre 2014. On 20th octobre you can order the remaining copies (if there are any) for international delivery.


ryce_essen2014_3What you can expect!
This is the very first edition – we made it, because people ask us to, that don’t want to wait 1 or 2 years. The game has over 500 components (172 acryl crystals, 150 wooden components, 102 cards, 47 labels, 37 hexfields, an 594 x  841mm vinyl gameboard…). It’s a limited edition of only 50 copies. Every copy is a big amount of work. The work done by hand, the developing time, testing time are not included in the calculation of price.

For all people that miss the pre-order or looking for a smaller price, don’t worry end of 2014 / begin of 2015 a crowdfunding project with a large edition and therefore with smaller prices is coming and we need your support for it! So if you don’t want to miss the special “early bird” conditions  join our newsletter, or follow us on facebook!

ryce_empireofsand_cover_final_1600px_rgbDie deutsche Erstauflage von RYCE: Empire of Sand ist schon seit Wochen ausverkauft, aber für alle die das Glück hatten noch ein Exemplar zu erwischen gibt es ab sofort die neue kostenlose Variante: “Mars-Strategen”.

Die neue Variante richtet sich an erfahrene Vielspieler und bringt noch mehr strategische Elemente ins Spiel und veringert dabei die Glückselemente.

Die Variante ist kostenlos, und kann mit dem vorhandenen Spielmaterial der Erstauflage gespielt werden. Die Variante könnt ihr hier downloaden.

Wie immer freue ich mich auf Feedback shav@setsign.de.

Viel Spass damit!