RYCE: Empire of Sand

ryce_essen2014_1P1020248CIMG5223CIMG5176 Designer: Shav Braun
SetSign.de, Germany
# of Players: 3-6
Playing Time:
90-180 mins (calculateable)
Eurotheme (Eurostyle with thematic background / low luck, high level of interaction, no extermination of other players)Boardgamegeek-Rating: 7,2/10 (october 2016) based on 25 ratings

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A “peaceful” contest between 3-6 nations (USA, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, India) about ressources, mines and influence on mars. Place your units skillful, harvest ressources and invest them to get influence at the 3 mighty fractions (The Earth, The Martians and The Brotherhood) or to upgrade the technology of your nation. Build or conquer mines, enhance your harvest routes through tunnel

construction, use your influence to advance your nation or blockade other nations, till the victory is yours. But take care of the CRAWLERS!

More details about RYCE: Empire of Sand:

RYCE – The Story

RYCE – What is it about?

RYCE – Backgrounds of first edition

The first edition is unfortunatly sold out.

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