RYCE – The Story

Ryce_neuheitenshow_essen2013CIMG5222CIMG5196CIMG5179 It is the 23rd century. There is an energy and resource scarcity on Earth. The planet is exploited and the world economy is about to collapse.

Desperately Spaceships be sent out to explore the neighboring planets. A crystalline substance, shining like gold, with incredible energy content is discovered on Mars. It gets named Rich Yield Crystal Energy, or in short: RYCE.

RYCE could satisfy the insatiable hunger for energy of Earth if… yes if it is possible to collect the material on Mars, and bring it back to Earth. Every space traveling nation is called to participate and thus to secure a part of the energy source. But the difficulties are considerable. The extraction system must be developed and transported to Mars.

Hostile life conditions and water scarcity in this EMPIRE OF SAND do one last thing, but the challenge is accepted.

But then the shock: Mars is inhabited. The Martians live in underground cities and were not detected by the sensors.The Martians turn out to be cooperative and strongly point to the dangers of the planet. The mighty CRAWLERS, which move through the sandy deserts of the planet and cause dangerous sandstorms. And a mysterious faction, that calls itself THE BROTHERHOOD and that has no sense of humor when competing with their resources.

A difficult task, which can only be overcome with the support o all factions…
…if it were not for the rivalry among the nations!

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