Kickstarter Warm-Up

Be one of the first that will be informed, when our kickstarter campaign starts, and as a thank-you you maybe a copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand – second edition!

The first edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand is sold out. And we get amazing feedback from the first buyers. For example the Boardgamegeekrating of 7,18 / 10 (march 2016). The many likes on facebook and the many subscriptions to our newsletter.

ryce_essen2014_3We spent many, many hours with manual handwork to realize this first edition. Unfortunately we are not able to make a big amount of copies by ourselves to sell it to everyone, who like to. As a new micro publisher we need your support to achieve the second edition of RYCE: Empire of Sand.

We plan a kickstarter campaign in Q2/2017 with early bird conditions, some limited special offers (figures etc.) and many more. Please support us with taking part on our “Kickstarter Warm-Up”.

What does that mean? We like to inform you, when our kickstarter campaign starts. We need your email-address and your be able to do that. We do not share your address with third parties! As a thank-you we raffle out a copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand second edition to one of the participants of our “Kickstarter Warm-Up”. So the happy one will get his kickstarter copy for free! Some other “strech goals” will follow during the “Warm-Up”.

Please support us, with subscription to our newsletter – and you will be one of the first, that will know, when the kickstarter campaign starts – and therefore you are able to claim the early bird conditions and the limited special offers. And maybe you are also the lucky one, who get a free copy of RYCE: Empire of Sand – second edition. Thank you very much!

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  1. johny u.

    let me know when it starts

    and If I can get the extra’s , limited pieces

  2. Dotan Dvir

    The game looks amazing. Please let me know when the Kickstarter launches.


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